Defective water valve at the bathroom sink. Leaking water. Wet and moldy wall.

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. However, the moisture that comes from constant use and potential plumbing problems could lead to a mold infestation.

Mold spreads quickly and contaminates the air in the rooms where it resides. Make sure that your family steers clear of any respiratory issues this spring and summer by implementing these five mold prevention tips.

Address Your Plumbing Leaks

If you hear a constant dripping or notice that one of your pipes has a small crack that’s leaking, don’t let these minor problems go.

Small leaks can easily become large pipe bursts or the source of an extensive mold infestation. So, make it a part of your routine to check your toilet connections and pipes beneath your sinks. After all, catching a small leak early can help save money by preventing the development of expensive plumbing and mold problems.

Get Rid of All Sources of Moisture

Moist washcloths, baby bath toys, and damp towels can all contribute to the spread of moisture throughout your bathroom.

Although it may take around 48 hours to happen, leaving these items continuously damp and resting in your bathroom will eventually develop a mold and mildew problem.

Ensure Your Bathroom Has Proper Ventilation

From built-in fans to cracking open the window every now and then, keeping your bathrooms ventilated helps prevent mold.

As air moves through and out of your bathroom, moisture will also leave with it. Therefore, not only will you have a mold-free restroom, but you also won’t have to suffer from any excess humidity during warmer months.

Clear Out any Clogging Drains

When water can’t properly flow down your drains, it’s likely that you have an intense clog on your hands. This is not only an inconvenience but can also create a moisture-filled breeding ground for mold.

When water constantly pools around your drains or just rests right around the lip, it’s time to call in a licensed plumber to remove your clog and get your pipes back in order!

Avoid dangerous chemicals and DIY “tricks” that could end up costing you even more money long-term than a plumber’s visit now.

Regular Cleaning

Your bathroom is unfortunately home to bacteria and germs that can easily turn into mold and mildew if left untreated. Weekly deep cleanse of your home’s bathroom can help keep germs away, while also preventing mold.

Some of the most effective ways to keep mold away from a dirty bathroom include the following:

  • Bleach-based cleaning products
  • White vinegar for tiles and countertops
  • Squeegees to remove excess moisture from your shower doors and tile walls

Trust Your Pipe Issues to the Experts at Plumbing Dynamics

If you hear a constant drip from a faucet or know that you have a leaking pipe in the home, now is the time to reach out to a local plumbing company for assistance.

The Master Plumbers at Plumbing Dynamics have the experience to handle even the most drastic of plumbing emergencies. Trust us to help you resolve any of your current plumbing problems with efficiency and at a rate that won’t bust your budget.

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