When it comes to vetting a potential Dallas plumber, make sure you ask the following seven questions:

  1. Do you charge by the project or by the hour? If by the hour, what is your rate? Do you charge for overtime hours? Any legitimate plumber won’t hesitate to give you the answers to these questions. If he won’t – or if he seems to answer the question but really doesn’t (“I’ll have a better idea as to your problem once I start”) – steer clear of the plumber. In addition, never engage a plumber who hasn’t seen your plumbing problem for himself and who doesn’t provide a written estimate.
  2. Does this estimate include labor, parts and contingencies (in case there are problems)? Some less-than-honest plumbers will give you a quote based on labor only (or parts only) and then surprise you with a much larger bill upon completion, saying something along the lines of “Oh, I thought you understood that my estimate included labor only?” Get everything in writing before the plumber starts work.


Make sure the plumber includes all costs in his estimate; otherwise you could have an unpleasant surprise when he presents his bill.

  1. Do you guarantee your work against failure, leaks and breaks? How long does your guarantee last? A decent plumber will be proud of his work, so proud and sure of his expertise that he’ll place a guarantee on his work for a time period after he finishes.
  2. Are the plumbers who will work on my home licensed? You’ll want only licensed plumbers working on your home. A company may bring along apprentice plumbers, but these individuals must always be watched by licensed plumbers and the licensed plumber is the one responsible for any apprentice’s work.
  3. Are you insured and bonded? All plumbers or plumbing contractors must have adequate liability insurance in case they damage something while working on your home. A plumber also should have workman’s compensation insurance for any health risks or injuries.
  4. Will you give me references from past clients? Any plumbing company worth its salt will want to provide references from happy customers. The company will be proud of its success and will be happy to ensure you know that other customers are more than happy with its plumbing repair services.
  5. Do you want full payment now? A plumbing company should want – at the most – only a portion of its fee before starting work. If a company requires full payment upfront, walk away (because you run the risk that the plumber will walk away – with your money – without doing any work).

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