7 Common Plumbing Emergencies

Living in comfort is the American dream. However, this dream can seem to be shattered when the need for an emergency plumber arises. There are many things that can go wrong with your plumbing. So, it is important to understand what constitutes a plumbing emergency. Here is our list of the seven most common plumbing emergencies in the DFW Metroplex.

1.  A Failed Sump Pump

If you have a basement that’s been flooded or standing water in a large area of your home, a sump pump is a tool that removes the water from the affected area. These are usually found in basements and when they fail, things can definitely go wrong in the home. Sump pumps commonly fail when they have been running for a prolonged period of time or if it is not getting enough electricity.

A local plumber can help you determine the cause for failure and what to do next as far as plumbing repair or replacement.

2.  Leaking Hoses

Even though your family washing machine is one of the most heavy-duty appliances in the home, it still has an Achilles heel; the hose. Your washing machine hose is fairly weak and these parts of the appliance tend to spring leaks easily, rendering the washing machine useless and a potential threat.

Leak detection that goes unresolved can often lead to mold and rust that can cause problems beyond having to struggle with a faulty washing machine.

3.  Your Hot Water Heater Burst

Hot water heater repairs are extremely common. Your water heater won’t last forever, and once its time is up, you could have a real mess on your hands. Call a plumber if you notice leaking sounds coming from your water heater or water beginning to pool in and around the heater location. Ignoring these signs not only results in a high water bill but could lead to costly repairs beyond what could be fixed during an emergency plumber’s visit.

4.  No Hot Water in the House

Lack of hot water in the home can be a real problem. It is no surprise that this event would be considered one of the area’s key plumbing emergencies. Issues from pipes, thermostat, and water heaters can be the culprit. In order to get your home running smoothly again, get in touch with a local plumber for expert advice.

5.  Sewage Backup

Not only does sewage backup pose a safety hazard to your home, but it also means that there may be some deeper problems within the sewage line. If you begin to notice backup when you flush the toilet or experience constantly clogged drains, turning off the water and investing in emergency plumbing repair services is the right move.

6.  Slab Leak

One of the most important plumbing emergencies on this list is a slab leak. When you experience foundation issues, a burst water line, or leaking pipes under the home. Slab leak repair is in your imminent future. Any damage that occurs on your home’s foundation should be considered an emergency, and calling out an expert is absolutely necessary.

7.  Poor Water Pressure

When water pressure becomes a problem, no one is happy. This could either be a problem with your personal pipes or with a break in your municipal water line. An expert will be able to provide the right information and knowledge to the job and work on getting the pressure of your water supply back to normal.

Emergency Plumbing with Plumbing Dynamics Helps You Get Through Tough Situations, Fast!

Plumbing emergencies can be frustrating, and getting them fixed efficiently is always the end goal. Don’t make matters worse by trying DIY repair and installation on your appliances. Get in touch with Plumbing Dynamics today. We have the expertise and skill set to get your home’s plumbing back on track.