Bad Habits Your Plumber Wants You to Kick

Bad habits can be found in several areas of our lives. From biting nails to procrastination, everyone has their vices. One bad habit that many people fail to recognize until it’s too late is the mistreatment of your home plumbing.

Your plumbing keeps your home in operation, so taking the extra steps to avoid an emergency plumbing visit is always welcome. Here are six bad habits that your plumber thinks you should give up when it comes to your pipes.

1.  Messing With The Pressure Valve

Your hot water heater is an appliance that is commonly serviced during emergency visits. When a water heater fails or begins leaking, many homeowners think that the removal of its pressure valve is a step in the right direction.

While technically it is, this is a job that should be done by a professional plumber. Your water heater has gallons of water in it that can easily scald you if you try to test the water pressure or drain it yourself. Not only is this an extremely dangerous mistake, but your actions can also result in very costly property damage.

2.  Using Your Toilet as a Trash Can

Although your toilet is built to withstand years of proper use, it is not meant to suck down everything when the handle is pressed. Flushing specific items into your septic system can cause a lot of plumbing problems. Even products that claim to be flushable should be treated with skepticism. In order to avoid toilet build-up and related plumbing problems, skip flushing these products down your toilet:

  • Q-tips
  • Feminine products
  • Medication
  • Diapers

3.  Making Chemicals Your ‘Cure-All’

Chemicals are a popular choice when it comes to “fixing” problems like clogged drains or toilets. These are not only temporary solutions, but many of them also create plumbing problems that trump your standard clog.

Many pipes are not built to withstand these types of chemicals and will eventually corrode and need an emergency plumbing repair. If you experience a clog, please call out your local plumber for assistance. After all, getting the problem solved right the first time should always be the goal.

4.  Trying to Save Money Through DIY Plumbing

Lots of homeowners fancy themselves as handymen. While replacing a few things here and there can be impressive, trying to handle your plumbing problems on your own can be a disaster.

Unless you are a trained plumber, the chances of you even diagnosing the problem are slim. Adding the cost of fixing your mistakes into the equation will also overshadow any money-saving efforts you had planned. By relying on an expert plumber, you can be sure that your problem is resolved correctly from the onset.

5.  Forgetting to Change Your Water Hoses

Water hoses are something that many homeowners simply forget about. These parts of our dishwashers and washing machines should be replaced every five years. By having a plumber come out and perform this maintenance task, you can avoid even wetter problems in the future.

6.  Not Keeping Track of Your Water Heater’s Age

Speaking of appliances and parts aging, your hot water heater won’t last forever. When well-maintained, these appliances can have a life expectancy of 20-years. Keep track of your water heaters age, because if it bursts, not only will the surrounding area be soaked, but the potential for mold and other dangerous bacteria becomes a threat for your family.

If you regularly maintain your water heater through your local plumber, you should have a good idea of when it is time to buy a replacement before it’s too late.

Do You Have a Plumbing Emergency on Your Hands? Plumbing Dynamics can Help!

If you’ve been practicing any of these bad habits and the result is a plumbing emergency, don’t let the problem get worse. Plumbing Dynamics is a team of Carrollton plumbers that are experts in our craft and emergency plumbing situations. Contact us today to find out more about our services offered in your area.