Woman Found Hidden Leak In Dallas Bathroom

When people think of a bathroom leak, visions of dripping showerheads or leaking toilets immediately come to mind. Although these leaks can mean serious business for a homeowner, the truth is that they really are minuscule compared to the costly threat of their older sibling: The hidden leak.

If left unnoticed for too long, hidden leaks can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs and could leave a bathroom unusable until they are resolved.

Don’t let a sneaky leak surprise you this fall! Follow our helpful hints that should show you the signs that it’s time to call in a plumber for hidden leak repairs.

  1. You Notice a Musty Smell

A musty, earthy smell that just won’t quit, is a telltale sign that you have a hidden leak. Rather than attempting to mask the scent and prolong any potential damage, take an afternoon to empty out your bathroom, examine cabinets and sniff out areas of interest.

A musty smell is a precursor to mold, so you’ll want to find the root of your problem, fast.

  1. Damage to Your Flooring

If you step into your bathroom and notice that some of its tile floor wiggles beneath your feet, the issue is most likely a hidden leak. If a leak has gotten to the point of shifting around the tile, then you likely have a burst pipe beneath your bathroom that needs to be fixed immediately in order to avoid further damage.

  1. You Discover Mold and Mildew

If you start to see mold or mildew taking form on the walls of your bathroom or within your vanity cabinets, this is a sign that you have a hidden leak within your walls that’s been settling in your bathroom for a while. 

Even if you can’t visibly see the mold and mildew, if your family starts to experience wheezing or itchy eyes, this is a sign that you have mildew or mold in the home. 

A licensed plumber can come out to your property, quickly find the root of the problem and help rid your property of this nuisance.

  1. Warped Walls

When a pipe develops a leak within your bathroom walls, the evidence is going to be apparent. Some of the most common signs of a hidden leak in the walls include:

  • Water stains on wallpaper
  • Blistering paint
  • Soft and bubbling drywall
  1. Ceiling Stains

This hint is specifically for homeowners with multi-level homes. If you look up at the ceiling that rests directly below an upstairs bathroom and notice water stains, you have a hidden leak. 

Also, if you notice that the stained ceiling is sagging, this is not only a leak but a plumbing emergency that puts your family in immediate physical danger.

Uncover and Resolve Hidden Bathroom Leaks With Plumbing Dynamics

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