Dog plumber - Boston Terrier

Homeowners that own pets know that sometimes plumbing and our four-legged friends don’t mix well. Keeping your plumbing and pets in balance can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t know the many ways that pets can negatively impact your plumbing.

While we know you love your fur family, here are five tips from your local Carrollton plumber that will help keep your pets safe and your general plumbing intact.

1. Remember What Can and Can’t Be Flushed

A lot of things go down your toilet, and some of it can’t properly be broken down. Products like diapers and cotton can cause issues in your septic tank and sewer line. The same goes for your cat’s litter. Even though most brands promote being flushable, over time they can cause clogs and other messy plumbing problems like sludge in your pipes.

2. Digging is Problematic

Lots of dogs love to dig their way into a new adventure. Unfortunately, sometimes their digging can lead to a busted pipe, sewer line repair, or an expensive water leak problem. The important lines to your home’s plumbing do not rest too deep in the ground. Make sure to keep an eye on your pets or train them to not dig in the backyard while they are playing.

3. Keep Your Toilet Lids Closed

Dogs and cats both have a tendency to partake in drinking from the toilet. Not only is this a naturally unsanitary habit, but it can be deadly for your pets. If you use toilet cleaners or other types of chemicals in your toilet, the residue left behind can be slurped up by your pets and create some real health hazards.

4. Install Pressure-Balancing Valves

Most people have had the experience where a water heater’s pressure-balancing valve malfunctioned during a shower and the water unexpectedly got scalding. This is a scary moment and can be extremely harrowing for your pet if it happens during bath time.

If you want to be extra cautious, make sure that your pressure balancing valve on your water heater is functioning properly, and have valves installed on your sinks and other water releasing appliances. This is an easy way to keep the whole family comfortable and safe.

5. Cover Up Your Pipes

Some homes have exposed pipes in the bathroom. Also, the bathroom is a typical place for people to let their pets hang out while away from the home. Don’t let your pipes or pets fall victim to the dangers of curious teeth knowing through the piping. Ask your local plumber how you can secure exposed pipes so that you can ensure your pet’s safety while you don’t have your eye on them.

Keep Your Pets Safe with Plumbing Repairs Through Plumbing Dynamics

If you have any questions about how to pet-proof your home plumbing, the experts at Plumbing Dynamics can help you find the answers. We have the skillset and experience to make sure that your home is up to snuff after we come through. Contact us today to find out about our plumbing services in your area and more.