2019 Plumbing Services Resolutions

Every winter, we all make resolutions on how we can improve ourselves in the coming New Year. While most people think about their weight and job prospects, we say, think about your plumbing! This year, add on these five plumbing services resolutions that will help you save money in 2019.

1.      Put an Inspection at the Top of Your Plumbing Services List

Most people only think of calling a plumber during a plumbing emergency or when they experience a clog that just won’t quit. We recommend scheduling routine plumbing inspections that can help find minor problems before they become plumbing emergencies. This simple act of calling out a Carrollton plumber just to check-up on your home will save you money and sanity in the long-run

2.      Stop Treating Your Toilet Like a Trashcan

If you seem to constantly experience toilet backup, then you may be flushing the wrong things down the chute. Items like cotton balls, feminine products, diapers, and old medications are all things that should be thrown away in the regular trash. Your toilet may be heavy-duty, but it can’t withstand everything that gets flushed down. Make a commitment this year to be more mindful about what you decide to flush.

3.      Upgrade Your Water Heater if It’s Old

Water heaters tend to be the biggest culprits of plumbing emergencies. Make sure to have your plumber perform maintenance on your current water heater and replace it if it is more than 20-years-old. Not only can a newer model like a tankless water heater save you money, but they are also more efficient and reduce the amount of time spent waiting for the shower to warm up.

4.      Insulate Your Pipes When the Temperature Drops

Burst pipes and frozen pipes are never fun. Fortunately, this is a resolution you can actually start early. Take the time to insulate your pipes under your sinks and outside in the yard. It doesn’t take much time and saves you the headache of dealing with a flooded backyard and high-water bill if your pipes do end up freezing over.

5.      Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

New Year, new you, is the saying for the season. So, kick it up a notch this year and give your bathroom and kitchen a new look. Hiring a local plumber to help you get the job done is a way to make your remodel look great and function even better!

Plumbing Dynamics Helps You Stay on Track with Your 2019 Resolutions

Making resolutions is easy, but keeping them can be a rarity. Don’t let your 2019 plumbing resolutions fall to the wayside. Let the expert plumbers at Plumbing Dynamics help you keep your resolutions and save money in your New Year.

We focus on everything from emergency plumbing calls to gas line repairs. Contact Plumbing Dynamics today to receive full-service plumbing that keeps your house running smoothly