Plumbing problems with older homes

Plumbing Problems with Older HomesOne of the latest trends with some newer homeowners is to purchase an older home with the intention of keeping it in its original condition for the most part. While this is in practice, a very noble idea, there are some issues that can arise when you purchase an older home without having the proper inspections done on the home’s plumbing. Here are our top five plumbing problems that can come with your older home’s new mortgage.

1. Galvanized Pipes

If your home was built before the 1960s, then you most likely have galvanized piping under your rood. This type of piping is made of iron and covered with a layer of zinc, which can erode over time and cause issues if left unresolved.

Due to the possibility of these pipes being so old. they are prone to corrosion, which can have a negative impact on your water pressure. Apart from this annoyance of a sign that there is a problem, your water may appear discolored due to the release of iron through the pipes.

2. Faulty Sewer Lines

Remember, your home’s plumbing does not just have an impact on your home. Problems with your plumbing can have an impact on your surrounding sewer lines. If you have purchased an older home, then you are more likely to have problems with your sewer line due to plant overgrowth or other issues like shifting of the earth.

3. Faulty Gas Lines

An overlooked issue that many older homes suffer from is that of faulty gas lines. The gas line pipes in older homes may be damaged from poor soil conditions or due to shifting earth that has occurred over time.

4. Leaking Appliances

If you purchased your home and it came equipped with the appliances already in the house, you want to ensure that these appliances are functioning properly and are not at the age when they are prepared to give out.

For example, don’t take a seller’s word that the hot water heater is brand new. Take a look at the appliance and make sure that it is not going to cause a damaging leak in a few years.

5. Pipe Bellies

The earth underneath your home is on a constant shifting pattern. These shifts can have a significant impact on the pipes that rest underneath the house. These shifts create bends in the pipes called pipe bellies. These bends can cause water to not flow properly through the pipes and create blockages that can have a negative effect on the home.

Plumbing Dynamics Has The Skill to Fix Your Old Home Plumbing Problems

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