We firmly believe that your business’ plumbing system can make – or break – your business. This may seem an odd statement to make: after all, if a toilet leaks, you’ll fix it, right?

But your business’ plumbing is so much more than one or two leaks. It’s one that affects your customers, your vendors and your employees. It’s critical that you ensure that it’s working at its best at all times.

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Here are three reasons why.

Workplace Disruptions from Plumbing Emergencies

Ever have a restaurant kitchen flood? Or that same restaurant’s public restroom flood? What about funky smells that waft through your business’ hallways? Or what if the plumbing system stops working entirely? Where will your customers/employees/visitors go when nature calls?  These are legitimate questions for your business during a plumbing emergency.

In the case of customers and visitors, we imagine they’ll take their business elsewhere. As for your employees, if the plumbing continues to be a cause of great concern, they may decide to look for work with another company.

What’s more, if a restaurant kitchen floods, or an office’s water pipe bursts, work will cease (and we certainly hope it doesn’t do so on a critical deadline).

Water Quality

Whether you serve guests restaurant meals or if you just want to make sure the water fountains provide good-tasting water, the quality of your water is critical for your business.

The usual culprit when it comes to poor water quality in Dallas – Fort Worth is a buildup of minerals in your plumbing fixtures, pipes or water heater. The mineral buildup can become dislodged and then travel along your pipes with your water, resulting in water discoloration and perhaps an unpleasant taste.

Water with a high mineral content also can affect how well your fixtures and faucets perform and possibly could shorten their lifespan.

Costly Major Plumbing Problems

Good maintenance routines with the help of a reliable plumber in Dallas – can save you big time when it comes to repairs and even replacement of large and critical plumbing parts and appliances.

Yes, the cost of having your plumbing maintained regularly doesn’t come free; but the cost is considerably less than having to replace your business’ water heater, kitchen and toilet pipes and fixtures, etc. in an emergency. Instead, you can factor in depreciation into your operating budget and put money aside each year for replacement units and fixtures.

Plumbing Dynamics offers yearly routine maintenance packages for businesses, helping your operations manager rest easy knowing that your company’s plumbing system is running at its top capacity. Contact us at 214-929-3431 or send us a message via our online contact us form.

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