Slab Leak Detection is an important plumbing service for your home

Slab leaks in the home are nothing to be taken lightly. One of the most dangerous things about a slab leak is that you usually can’t detect it without the help of a licensed plumber. In fact, slab leaks are really only noticeable when it’s too late and moderate to severe damage has been done to your home.

Slab leak detection is an excellent service for people curious about increased water bills or water build-up in a basement. Here are three key reasons why slab leak detection is something you should never pass up if it seems necessary.

Slab Leaks Seep into Your Wallet

If you are fortunate enough to enlist in slab leak detection at the first sign of a problem, then you may be able to save some substantial cash. However, if left undetected, a slab leak will eventually grow and end up costing thousands to repair.

Normal repairs for slab leaks can cost homeowners around $5,000, covering the detection and repair of the initial pipe. Repairs beyond that become more expensive and can even be denied by homeowner’s insurance. The complete worst-case scenario is that the slab leak is so advanced that it has damaged a home to the point of it having to be condemned.

Foundation Damage is Possible

How does a slab leak lead to condemnation? Easy, from the damage that these leaks do to your home’s foundation. Although your home may rest on a foundation of concrete or steel, these materials are no match for a slab leak that goes ignored.

When a leak in your home’s slab occurs, water pressure creates forced shifts in a home’s foundation. The beginning signs of this problem can be seen in visible cracks found near the base of the home. Should these cracks remain unrepaired, then the foundation will collapse over the years.

We suggest that homeowners with homes built before the ’90s have their pipes inspected once a year in order to repair early leaks.

Avoid Dangerous Health Issues

Aside from financial and physical damage to your home, an undetected slab leak is detrimental to your health. When water is left to fester inside and below your home it creates mold spores that are extremely dangerous to the respiratory tract.

Symptoms of mold exposure include:

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Development or worsening of asthma
  • Repeated upper respiratory infection

If you start to notice mold in areas of your home, this is a sign of a slab leak and your emergency plumber should be contacted immediately.

Get Your Home Inspected with Plumbing Dynamics, Today!

If you notice that your water bill has spiked drastically in recent cycles, this is a sign that your home could be resting on a slab leak. Reach out to your local Carrollton plumbers at Plumbing Dynamics and take advantage of our slab leak detection service in your area. We look forward to helping you resolve your plumbing problems and avoid the potential risks of a slab leak.