Having a plumber inspect your home is something you may not give a lot of thought to. But it is important nonetheless. Inspections could spot problems before they turn into something major, saving you a lot of money. Why else should you have your home inspected? Here are a three more reasons.

dallas home plumbing inspection

  1. Knowing your plumbing system.

Plumbers can do an inspection of your entire plumbing system, both inside and outside the house. This includes inspection of the water meter and emergency shut-off valve to make sure they are operating properly, measuring toilet water, testing faucets for leaks and corrosion, testing water for chlorine content, checking pipes for leaks, and checking the water heater, among other areas.

You will then know how everything is operating in your house, what may need repair, and what to keep an eye on. Such an inspection gives you the peace of mind of knowing that everything is in good shape.

  1. Improving your plumbing system’s operation.

The plumber may find, for example, that you can turn down the temperature of your water heater and save money, or that you can adjust the water level in your toilet tank to save water. There may be other measures you can take to make your system more efficient – saving you water and money – that that an inspection could reveal.

  1. It helps you to plan.

When you know the condition of your plumbing system, where work may be needed and when, you can better plan and budget for the repair work when it’s needed. You can determine what repairs need to be done sooner and what repairs can be put off until later.

You can then systematically tackle all of the repairs over time. Also, since planning allows you to take care of little issues before they become big problems, you are also much less likely to run into anything unexpected because the problems are still minor, allowing you to budget more accurately.

That is often not the case if you wait until the problem grows. The plumber begins working on one problem – the emergency fix you originally contacted him about – and then he’s more likely to find other related issues because the system has been allowed to deteriorate. If this happens, be prepared: his invoice could be big!

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