Tips For Tub And Shower Valve Repair And Replacement

Many people consider the bathroom and kitchen to be one of the biggest selling points when purchasing a home. Not every homeowner has a completely functional tub or shower valve that works as intended. A continuous drip or leak could be the sign that the valves need replaced with a new unit. Hiring a plumbing expert for tub and shower valve repair and replacement offers you the best options for resolution.

Water Leaks Require The Attention Of  A Professional Plumber

There are many factors that can cause unreliability with your tub and shower valve. The age of the valves have a lot to do with the performance. A leak happens when water cannot be contained in the pipe. This could be due to a deteriorated connection, cracked washer or hairline crack in the actual valve. These are common issues but require a plumber with experience changing the delicate parts or installing new ones.

A water leak in your home can make for a stressful situation. The excess water usage increases the cost of your water bill each month. If your hot water is leaking, you could be paying more for energy because the heated water is depleted faster. Trying do the repair yourself on what you believe to be the problem is can cost you more than hiring a plumber to do the work correctly.

Resolve Your Plumbing Problems Quickly

Solving the problem quickly decreases the risk of any damage caused by water in your home. The actual valve stem that recedes into your enclosure could be leaking water and destroying your insulation or drywall. The growth of mold and other contaminants are more costly to clean and remove. A professional that uses the right tools for detection can identify the source of a leak or drip and apply the right correction to restore normal water usage in your shower.

One factor that you may not realize that is causing your issue could be from mineral deposit buildup. You could benefit from expert tub and shower valve repair and replacement from Plumbing Dynamics in Carrollton. Hiring a professional gives you the best service and diagnostic evaluation to fix any problem that arises with your tub and shower faucets and valve stems. Contact Plumbing Dynamics today to quickly repair your shower valves!

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