Sewer Line Repair in Carrollton

Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Carrollton

When homeowners find their toilets, sinks, and bathtubs backing up, instantly they think the worst. They figure that in a day or two some guy with a backhoe will be digging up their lawn to replace the sewer line that connects their home’s drains to the municipal sanitation system. These types of repairs can be extremely expensive, not to mention quite inconvenient for the homeowner. Some homeowners will have to leave their homes to stay with relatives or at a hotel until all of the sewer line repair work is completed.

Occasionally, inexperienced plumbers or those who are less than honest will inform the homeowner that all of the sewer line must be replaced. But we at Plumbing Dynamics know that is not always the case. Sometimes the problem is a clog in the line or tree roots invading it. We are local to Carrollton and know how to diagnose and repair all sewer line issues.

Sewers can have various things go wrong. The line could simply be clogged with grease or debris. Because of the freeze-thaw cycle in the winter, the soil can heave around a sewer line and cause a break. If the ground settles unevenly, your sewer line could break. Tree roots can invade a sewer lines and cause major back-ups as well. Plumbing Dynamics employs ethical, experienced plumbers who can figure out exactly what has gone wrong and how to repair it.

Plumbing Dynamics owns a camera system that can be threaded down your drains to figure out the exact problem. Our Carrollton plumbers are experienced with sewer and drain cleaning from all causes. If you have a break in your line, we can find it with a camera to keep you from having your entire front yard excavated to find the break. If the issue is tree roots, we can see that easily and can clear the line for you, using chemicals to keep the problem from returning. If your issue is grease in the line, we can install a grease receptor and advise you on how to properly use your drains to avoid recurring issues. We can not promise anyone that we will never end up excavating their entire yard. But by using our specialized diagnostic equipment, we can have a better idea of what we are dealing with before we call out the backhoe.

Plumbing Dynamics always completes work properly and quickly. We realize that it is your home, and having a backed up sewer line is a huge inconvenience. We understand that, for homeowners, until the drains, toilets, and tubs in a home are working correctly, life cannot proceed as usual. We will get the job done as quickly as possible so your life can get back to normal.

If you need preventative maintenance for your sewer lines, we will be glad to come by and take care of that as well. We realize that addressing small problems while they are still small keeps them from becoming big issues later on. If you have issues with your sewer lines, call Plumbing Dynamics and we can help you out.

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