Top 5 Questions to Ask Commercial Plumbers

Hiring a commercial plumber for your business is not the same as hiring one for your home. You may have a lot riding on the plumbing work that affects your bottom line. You want to make sure you get someone who can do the job right. [Read more…]

Top Five Questions to Ask a Commercial Plumbing Contractor

If you have a small or large business, and are considering a construction project, you will probably spend a good deal of time with an architect and construction company. One thing you may overlook, however, is the plumbing contractor, or you may simply decide to let the construction people handle it and bring in a subcontractor. [Read more…]

Most Expensive Commercial Plumbing Repairs

Just as with a home, when you own a business you need to keep on top of your plumbing system maintenance to prevent any major problems. And as with a home, some of the biggest problems plumbers encounter at businesses result from a lack of maintenance, when little problems are neglected and grow into big ones. Here are some of the major problems plumbers see at commercial establishments. [Read more…]

Should You Call the Plumber? Things to Consider First

When do you need to call a plumber? Naturally, that depends somewhat on your own proficiency with a wrench. Small jobs such as a clogged drain or toilet or a leaky faucet may be things that you can handle on your own. But you need to be careful because they also may be signs of something more serious. When should you call a plumber? Here are a few times when you need to pick up the phone. [Read more…]

6 Ways to Cut Your Company’s Restroom Costs

Many business owners may think of their company’s restroom facilities as something akin to “the cost of doing business.” That is, if you run a business that’s open to the public (whether that public are customers or your employees), having a restroom is just par for the course. [Read more…]

4 Ways to Find the Best Plumber for Your Business

When it comes to finding the best plumber for your business, you may think you can use the plumber or company you use for your home’s plumbing. This could work, but residential plumbing is different than commercial plumbing.

How so? Well, residential plumbing means working with just two or three floors of plumbing problems. There are fewer pipes, sinks, toilets, showers/baths. Sinks – even the kitchen sink – don’t have to worry about massive amounts of food waste or dishwashing chemicals going down their drains. [Read more…]

3 Reasons Why Your Plumbing Can Make or Break Your Business

We firmly believe that your business’ plumbing system can make – or break – your business. This may seem an odd statement to make: after all, if a toilet leaks, you’ll fix it, right?

But your business’ plumbing is so much more than one or two leaks. It’s one that affects your customers, your vendors and your employees. It’s critical that you ensure that it’s working at its best at all times. [Read more…]

4 Questions to Ask a Plumber (That You Probably Aren’t)

When it comes to engaging a plumber, are you asking the right questions of those you interview before hiring? Sure, you’re probably asking the plumber – or his company – about his license, his years of experience, if he charges an hourly or flat rate, and so on, but there may be some questions you don’t even know you should ask.

[Read more…]

Tips for Choosing a Plumber for Your Business

Companies need plumbers, too.

After all, because so many of us toil at work about 40 hours a week, we actually could be using our employer’s facilities more than our own, so any operations manager will tell you that, well, plumbing “issues” do arise from time to time.

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