Top 5 Most Common Commercial Plumbing Repairs

Commercial Plumbing Repairs

If you are the owner of a local Carrollton business, your primary concern is most likely keeping your business successful. However, success and proper plumbing often go hand in hand. Most businesses have operational bathrooms and when plumbing repair is needed and ignored, these could be issues that drive customers away.

Your Carrollton plumbers offer commercial plumbing services for the most common commercial plumbing repairs. However, it is your responsibility as a business owner to know the top five signs that commercial plumbing repair is in your near future.

Silent Toilet Leaks

Leaks are bad when it comes to any appliance, but your toilet is a household item that should never be leaking. You may not even notice a problem at first until you notice an excess of water leaking into your toilet bowl.

Silent leaks are typically caused by the toilet flapper’s watertight seal creating the leak. Even though this is a common problem, it may take a professional plumber to actually detect the source of the leak.

Sewer Odor

Sewer odor is one of the easiest plumbing repairs that a business owner can spot. The smell of sewage lingering in the vicinity of your business will not only drive customers away, but is extremely unhealthy.

If you notice a sewage smell rising up from your drains, it is a sure sign that a plumber is in need of a visit to your business.

Clogged Drains

It is common knowledge that commercial bathrooms are not as well respected by the public as a bathroom would be in a home. Your business’ public restroom can easily fall victim to clogged toilets or clogged drains.

This can cause your business to look unprofessional in the eyes of your customers, and can ultimately cause a negative reaction in the community, hurting your business.

Running Toilets

Running toilets often pose a similar problem to silent toilet leaks because this problem can also stem from a failed toilet flapper. A flapper with a broken seal can cause the toilet float to fall out of level and therefor keep the water in a toilet running.

Neglecting to call a professional plumber to come out to your business and take care of the running can result in high water bills.

Silent Pipe Leak Plumbing RepairsSilent Pipe Leaks

You may notice one month that your water bill is soaring through the roof. One of the leading causes of surprisingly high water bills is a silent pipe leak. The pipes behind the walls of your establishment could spring a leak and waste gallons of water a month without you even noticing until the bill comes in.

Don’t Fix It Yourself, Call a Carrollton Plumber

If your business requires commercial plumbing services due to issues like burst pipes, clogged drains or more, the DIY fixes out there may cause further damage to your plumbing. Call Plumbing Dynamics to take care of your plumbing repair needs. We are licensed commercial plumbing contractors that will get the job done efficiently and at a fair price.

Don’t let plumbing problems in your business’ bathroom stink up your establishment. Give us a call today to find out more about the services we offer our commercial clients.



5 Ways History Molded the Modern Licensed Plumber

Roman Aqueducts Influenced Modern Plumbing

Homeowners expect proper plumbing to be a part of their home when they purchase one. The thought of being without pipes that push out hot water is unfathomable. When things go wrong with modern plumbing, we are so used to just picking up the phone and calling a local licensed plumber to come out and fix the problem.

The next time your shower starts to leak or your pipes begin to creak, before getting stressed out and calling a Carrollton plumber in a panic, remember that you still have it easy. Plumbing is one of our many luxuries, but history has taken many strides to get us where we are today.


5. Crete Gets the Credit

In 1700 BC, the citizens of Crete were the first to be concerned with how to dispose of their waste in a proper fashion. During this time period, plumbers created an elaborate sewage system that was used for disposal and drainage. Not only was this sewer line the first of its kind, but the Cretes were also responsible for the first flushing toilet.


4. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

312 BC saw the rise of Rome’s use of aqueducts to carry fresh water into the city. These aqueducts carried 1.2 billion liters of water a day, 57 miles away from their source. Our pipe systems that we use today stem from this.


3. Plumb Like an EgyptianEgyptian Pyramids Also had Plumbing

We all know that the Egyptians were a savvy group of individuals that were ages ahead of their time when it came to creativity. Archaeologists discovered that the Egyptians had built copper pipes and developed elaborate bathrooms and sewer lines inside of the pyramids. Modern licensed plumbers today, still rely on copper pipes to get the job done right.


2. Water Safety in England

Keeping plumbing healthy for community members became especially important for England during the 1850s. At this time there was a contaminated water well that resulted in a Cholera outbreak that impacted water drinkers in the area. Sadly, this event occurred shortly after the National Public Health Act was passed in the nation. This Act included water safety methods that were adapted globally by surrounding countries. Modern plumbers help prevent issues like this from happening to Dallas home.


1. National Association Pushes the Licensed Plumber into the Future

1883 brought America the first National Association of Master Plumbers. From here on out, water tanks were formed, the modern toilet was created (including the flushometer valve), and the first drinking water treatment systems were built in Massachusetts.


Carrollton Plumbers Perfecting an Age-Old Craft

Plumbing Dynamics is a Texas-based company that provides expert plumbing services for Carrollton, Lewisville, North Dallas, Flower Mound, Frisco, and The Colony. If you are experiencing problems with your sewer line, shower head, or hose bib, give us a call today and find out what makes us the best plumbing contractors in the Lone Star State.




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