Carrollton Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Your garbage disposal is a useful home tool that gets rid of excess food waste at the end of a meal. Like all household devices, your garbage disposal requires maintenance throughout your time of using it. Placing the wrong item down the disposal or just lack of maintenance can cause issues that require the help of a Carrollton plumber. If you are experiencing symptoms of a failing device, your local plumbing service can help repair and replace your garbage disposal.

carrollton plumber garbage disposal repairCommon Garbage Disposal Issues

Your garbage disposal was built to grind down the toughest items, so that you don’t have to worry about throwing them out yourself. However, your garbage disposal isn’t just a beast that lives under the sink that eats just anything. It is actually a delicate device that can experience specific problems when dealing with corrosion of the cutting blades, or when you place the wrong foods down the sink.

If you begin to notice some of these common problems with your garbage disposal, calling out a licensed plumber may be your best option for repair and replacement:

  • The garbage disposal does not turn on
  • Food not being “disposed of”
  • Drain clog

Call Your Carrollton Plumber for Your Garbage Disposal Needs

Signs of a garbage disposal in need of repair can mean bigger issues than just replacing the device. Do not attempt to perform a DIY job on this type of fix. Call Plumbing Dynamics to solve your problem. We have the experience and tools to handle your garbage disposal repair/replacement or any of your other plumbing needs. Find out how we can resolve your problem painlessly and efficiently.


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